Time to start Christmas projects

I was busy around the house this evening and could hear the voice of my first teacher “It’s July, time to start thinking about Christmas presents”. Alright, I am already a month behind. Yep, those lovely hand painted gifts don’t get done overnight so she always made us start working on them in July. Here’s a couple of ideas. Take a 6” or 7” plate and paint a wreath of holly just large enough to encircle a cheese ball. If you want to be able to include the cracker on the same plate use a little larger plate. For that special child or grandchild paint a special cookie plate. I painted a Santa Clause face and rimmed the plate with holly and berries. It was colorful enough that I didn’t need any gold. I’ve found some really cute patterns using wide wired ribbon.


Happy Painting

Charolette McKinney

Hello from China Painters Resale, LLC

Welcome everyone to the first edition of the China Painters Resale Blog.

As I set here enjoying a beautiful day in St. Louis, Missouri, I let my mind take in all the beautiful colors of summer. All of the greens from the trees, bushes, and grass; the vibrant reds and pinks from our rose garden; and all of the bright colors of the other flowers we have planted. Seeing this explosion of color makes me want to paint. Fortunately for everyone involved, I don’t paint; I encourage, critique (only when asked), and support my wife, Charolette McKinney when she paints.

But this blog is not about that today, it is to talk about China Painters Resale, LLC! What is it? How does it work? Why is it here? How do I buy and sell on the website? I will answer all of your questions soon, I promise.

Is China Painters Resale still in business? That was the first thing said on the phone not long ago when we were returning a call from a lady in Oklahoma. That is one of our problems I will share with you. We are working hard to advertise what we do and let people know that we are open and ready to do business with everyone.

Why Is it here? About four and a half years ago my brother-in-law and I moved a large kiln from the basement of a china painter that was one of Charolette’ friends and was a teacher. She could physically no longer paint and had all of her china and painting supplies on tables getting ready for a sale. All of her students had been invited to buy what they wanted, so most of the really “good” china was sold and most of the remaining china was still in excellent condition. The market to sell what she had was very limited and most went into an estate sale where someone bought for pennies on the dollar. Charolette looked at that and said “there has to be a better way to sell her china” and as they say “the rest is history”. Charolette and I have been putting together this company for the last three years. Starting slowly, we now have a large inventory and adding more to the website daily. Plus we are expecting more in the near future.

What is it? China Painters Resale, LLC is an online resale shop for unpainted china and new or gently used painting supplies including paints in varying amounts (some new and some have been opened). China Painters Resale also travels to some conventions as a vendor selling china, painting supplies, studies, books, etc.

How does it work? When someone has china or painting supplies they no longer want or cannot use, China Painters Resale will agree by contract to store, price, advertise, sell , ship and pay the owner for each item sold. (Paints are the exception, China Painters Resale purchases paints instead of putting them on consignment.)

How do I buy and sell on the website? Go to our website www.china-painters-resale.myshopify.com where you will find several hundred pieces of china, painting supplies, books, studies, etc. We use Shopify for our store so that we can offer the latest in security for your payment and personal information. All shipping comes out of our warehouse in St. Louis. Missouri and we will ship overnight, 2nd day Air or ground to put your purchase in your hand as soon as you request.

If you have china and supplies to put on our website, please contact either Charolette or myself, Larry Terrill, by phone 314 843-0946 or email at chinapaintersresale@yahoo.com. We will take a few or several hundred pieces. We just picked up a full china shop in Sapulpa, OK and are working hard to put the entire inventory on-line.